My approach and my practice

My approach

I am a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist. I have practiced for over 30 years. In view of the fact that I grew up in Egypt, that my professional experience has been in France and the Middle East, and that I am trilingual (French, Arabic, English) my approach is multicultural. The therapy sessions can be held in one of these languages. I give a great attention to the patient’s cultural context during his or her therapy.

Whom does psychotherapy address?

We often ask ourselves how we act or react in certain situations, and how the views that we have of ourselves and of our relationships can affect our lives and our decisions, whether emotionally or professionally. These therapies are not only aimed at people with well-defined symptoms; they also cater to people going though depressive moments, who feel anxious; who are faced with bereavement, separations, or experiencing difficulties in relationships.

My practice


My practice is flexible and adapted to each individual’s needs. It is rigorous whether the meeting is in my office or online. The rules: temporal, and spatial framework (sessions at regular hours), financial agreement, and confidentiality are respected.

Regarding persons in crisis, making an appointment can be very fast: if there are difficulties to get to my office, interviews can be organized via Skype or by telephone.


The clinical supervision that I practice with clinical psychologists, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts allows them to reflect on their practice and to find a proper position while working with their patients.