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My approach and my practice

My approach

We often ask ourselves how we act or react in certain situations, and how the view that we have of ourselves, and of our relationships, can affect our lives and our decisions.

You are confronted with personal or professional difficulties in your life and you don’t feel strong enough to deal with them?

You feel depressed? You are loosing your appetite? You feel anxious? You are exposed to illness, to the loss of persons dear to you, leading to grief and bereavement?

Would you like to rediscover the joy of life? To reconcile your daily life requirements with your aspirations, and be able to achieve your dreams?
Even if you cannot change some sad overwhelming events, a psychotherapy can help you to take a step aside, enabling you to find serenity in your life.

My role as a psychotherapist will be to accompany you, not only in this quest but also in the discovery of your personal resources and your psychic wealth.

My practice


I work with the utmost respect of the patient seeking a psychotherapy, and I adapt my work to the needs of each person, both in my office and in online psychotherapy.
During our sessions, I will kindly listen to you, to your sufferings, and together we will revisit the past without losing sight of your aspirations for the future.

To be able do this, we will get help from you, what you say, from images arising from your past, or from your dreams. We may use any other material symbolizing and reflecting elements of your history and your subconscious, such as drawings, sculpture or your childhood photos.

When it comes to urgent requests, in the event of a crisis, making an appointment can be very fast. If there are difficulties to get to my office, we can arrange interviews via Skype or by telephone.


The clinical supervision that I practice with clinical psychologists, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts allows them to reflect on their practice and to find a proper position while working with their patients.